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Day 1 - Guided tour of Zagreb

On the first day we went to visit some sites around the city of Zagreb starting in the main square where we saw the statue of Josip Jelačić. Then we went to see the Kaptol,

After that we went trough Dolac and then into Krvavi Most, bloody bridge in English. Up next we went to see the Crka sv. Marka, by first going through the Kamenita Vrata.

Then we went through Grič which is tunnel that was built during the WWII and after walking a bit more we went to the elevator called Kula Lotrščak. When we reached the top we could appreciate the view and learn about the story of the tower of Lotrščak.










Day 2- Game of finding sights in Zagreb

On the second day, we did a game that consists of having a map and then finding the sites marked on the map and after that taking a selfie on said sites.

Day 3 - Escape room activities

On the third day we went to participate in an escape room activity where we had to solve many little puzzles which are connected between each other and that finally lead to the solution of the main puzzle.















Day 4 - Farewell dinner in a restaurant - Zlatni medo

On the fourth day, all of the participants of the project went to have dinner together and enjoy themselves.

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